Manufacturing of unconventional machines and equipment


Manufacturing of unconventional metal products


Custom products for any industry


Ves i Ton Ltd specialises in the manufacturing of unconventional machines and equipment adaptable to any field and application, and suitable for the needs of the most demanding customers. Apart from mechanical engineering, we also specialize in milling, turning, grinding, sheet metal cutting of parts and whole products, etc.


The unconventional products and parts we manufacture are designed to meet all your requirements and to deliver the best solutions for your demands. We make products for all kinds of industries and sectors, including medicine, the military industry, mechanisation and automation, process automation, metal structures, etc.

Ves i Ton – Your reliable and responsible business partner

Ves i Ton Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of unconventional metal products, individual units, spare parts and entire machines. Founded in 2005 the company has been growing and developing successfully for 12 years, including by expanding the range of its machinery and other facilities. We have a large number of milling machines, lathes, EDM machines and grinders, which allow us to comply with the demanding projects for which we are hired by our customers from Germany, Italy, France and the U.S.

Our company makes products for the automotive industry, the energy sector, the aviation sector, the clothing industry, the optical industry, etc. Ves i Ton Ltd has a large range of machines whereby we produce single units, limited series products, and one-of-a-kind high precision details requested by customers, and tooling design.

Personal solutions for the most demanding customers

Manufacturing facilities and structures occupying square footage of 6,500 m²

A highly qualified team of engineers and specialists


Nothing is impossible for us!